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What to expect next?

More about me and what you'll find here in a near future...

This blog is kinda an achievement for me for some reasons.

It's the first time I write and share web development tips and tutorials.

I'm french and I've choosen to write in english to reach and help - let's hope - more people.

I've made websites for more than 15 years but I only consider myself a front-end dev since a year.

I'm a perfectionist and tend to experience Impostor Syndrome a lot 🙈.

But as I'm confined at home without any client to work for, it's now or never for me to launch a blog and share what I'm learning each day while making JAMstack websites.

Eleventy Blog Starter is coming

In the next days I will release an Eleventy starter with the same base as this blog. It will be a simple starter without fancy things, easy to understand and use. I hope it will be useful to some of you.

Tips and tutorials

My current stack is simple and robust. I'm using HTML and CSS with a minimum amount of JS.

The two pillars of my JAMstack are Eleventy and Tailwind CSS.

My initial goal is to document what I learn and use while making and polishing performant and accessible websites.

So you can expect many tips and tutorials about HTML, CSS, Eleventy and Tailwind CSS here, if I manage to stay consistent in my writing practice 🙀.